Next Board Meeting

April 24, 2019  7PM

Weddington Swin and Racquet Club.   All are welcome.


JULY 2017


               President – Mark Tefakis

               Vice President – Mike Davis

               Treasurer – Bob Thornton

               Secretary – Amy Sutton

               At Large (Communications) – Kelly Kroll

               At Large (Community Signs) – Jennifer Davis

               At Large – George & Charlie Conner

               Advisor – Mary Lynn Knowles


Finance Update

We continue to struggle with the percentage of families paying their annual dues.  Since 2014, we have experienced a   consistent decline with the overall number approaching 50%.  This not only limits our ability to fund improvement projects, it also puts pressure on general upkeep and maintenance (lighting, landscaping).  We have sent a 2nd reminder to the homeowners that have yet to pay their 2017 dues in hopes of improving the cash flow.  As of the June 14th board meeting, dues received YTD was at 44% with $9,259.52 collected.  Our 2017 budget (approved at the 6/14 board meeting) is attached for reference.  We kindly ask that every family consider our request to have the “voluntary” dues paid each year, on time, so that we can continue to maintain and beautify this wonderful neighborhood.  We are in the process of researching options to potentially change the covenants and move to “mandatory” association dues…like most neighborhoods in the area.  Our hope is to avoid running into a budget deficit whereby we will have to cut back on essentials (entrance lighting & upkeep, general landscaping)…this will have a negative impact on home values.


Shoreline Drive Entrance Sign

Thanks to Kelly Kroll with support from George and Charlie Conner, we finally have an entrance post/sign for our Shoreline Drive residents.  We decided to go with a smaller design (in comparison to the other entrances) to accommodate the limited space and set-back requirements.  We expect to have the Lake Providence lettering and lighting completed within the next few weeks.


Homeowner Directory and Communications

We are in the process of gathering quotes and evaluating options for an updated, printed directory.  This, of course, will be  dependent on annual dues received, but our hope is that we will be in a position to begin the project in late-September and distribute the new directory to our homeowners before the holidays.  More to come on this initiative after our next Board meeting in September.  A special thanks to Jennifer Davis for her continued efforts on updating/maintaining our  communication boxes located at each entrance.  We encourage everyone to pay attention to periodic updates, notices and  general communication as you walk or ride thru the neighborhood.  Additionally, Kelly Kroll is in the process of updating our website (  Please contact the board if you have any neighborhood news or announcements to share.

We will provide an updated newsletter after our next board meeting in September.  Please reach out to myself or any board member with questions, concerns or general feedback.


Mark Tefakis






ALERT: Dues Participation is Down: As of this writing, LPHOA has received dues from 109 neighbors totaling $12,908.67, representing around 62% of the neighborhood. Last year at this time we had 115 paying neighbors. We are making cuts wherever possible while maintaining our common areas. Our goal is always 100% participation. On our Sponsors Page is our list of supporters by street, along with the percentage of paying members. Please encourage your neighbors to support our neighborhood!

Sign Post Fund: Thank you to those who have contributed to the Sign Post fund! To date we have collected a total of $6,313.00 towards our goal of $14,400. If each household contributes only $87, we could install sign posts this year!

South Lake Update: The lake owners are working with engineers to provide a permanent solution that meet North Carolina’s requirements. Testing of some repair materials seems to be working. All lake owners know that everyone’s property values are affected by this and are working hard to get this fixed ASAP.

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Lake Providence Lollapalooza, October 18th, 3-7pm. Join us for a cookout, auction, games and just plain socializing. Please email Jennifer Davis ( to help with the setup, games or food organization.   

Lollapalooza Auction Donations: Last year’s auction was a huge success. We hope to offer more items this year.  We need large and small items to auction. All proceeds will go to the neighborhood Sign Post fund.  If you have Panthers or Hornets tickets, a weekend in your vacation home, or any artwork to donate please contact Jennifer Davis or Sue Fahy ( 

Lake Providence is Going Digital:

Help Cut Expenses and Still Get Your LPHOA News:  We Need Your Email:

In order save money on printing, we need to send our newsletters by email. George and Charlene Conner may be calling you to request your email address.  We will never share this information with anyone. Please send your email address to: or Be sure to include spouse/alternate emails to include everyone!

Lake Providence HOA has a Facebook Page! Talk with your neighbors and get updated neighborhood information. Send your email address to Mary Lynn Knowles ( to join the group.

Please bookmark us so you can pay your dues online, learn what’s new, check the calendar and contact the Board.  If you have a neighborhood announcement or event, please send it to Kelly Kroll (Communications@

Be a Pooper Scooper! Several neighbors have asked us to request all Pet Owners to please clean up after their pets. This keeps yards and common areas clean and fresh for everyone. Thanks!


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