Next Board Meeting

April 24, 2019  7PM

Weddington Swin and Racquet Club.   All are welcome.

2018 Annual Update Letter from the Board 

Dear Fellow Homeowners,

We would like to start by thanking our fellow homeowners who supported our community by paying their dues last year.  The 67% who paid allowed us to keep the grass mowed and the lights on.  We’d also like to thank those neighbors who keep their properties in good repair.  The appearance of our individual homes, individual landscapes, and our common areas affects all of our property values.  As more new neighborhoods spring up, our community must stay modern and attractive in order to compete.  To that end, a dues increase to $200 for fiscal year 2018 is necessary.  Our costs continue to rise and we have repairs and deferred maintenance that can no longer be delayed.  (Please see the proposed 2018 Budget on the back of this letter.)

A few of the much needed projects include:

·       Mulch for all entrances and cul-de-sacs

·       New electrical panel for the lights on the south Beulah entryway

·       Tree trimming of dead limbs at entrances

·       Retaining walls and proper landscaping on Oak Ridge

·       Cleaning and re-pointing of the mortar on all entrance walls

These issues and more need to be addressed in planning our budget going forward. Paying your dues promptly and reducing repeat billings saves us time and money.

This past year the Board has operated without a President.  While we have done our best, the neighborhood would benefit greatly from new Board members with new ideas and enthusiasm.  Most of our Board members have served for many years and are ready to step down.  Please consider lending your talents to better your community. Attend the Annual Board Meeting or email Mike Davis (

Please plan to attend the Annual Meeting of the LPHOA on Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00pm at the Weddington Swim and Racquet Club.  We will discuss dues, budget, projects, new officers, and a lake update.  We promise to keep it short, organized and informative.  Your participation gives you a voice in the direction of the neighborhood; we can all benefit from a wide range of ideas and suggestions.

To pay your dues, please send a check for $200 or greater to:


PO Box 78384

Charlotte, NC 28271

You can also pay online at by clicking the “Donate” button (you do not need a Paypal account to pay online).


Your LPHOA Board